A Clinically advanced 7” mattress system for very high risk patients, vulnerable and complex patients, when only zero pressure will do

This extremely adaptable and auto-adjustable system allows the caregiver to react quickly to avoid pressure ulcers forming or to stop current wounds worsening in vulnerable patients.

The intuitive pump features automatic weight and body mass monitors avoiding the need for manual weight input,

 whilst delivering individual pressure adjustment based on how each patients weight is distributed.

When zero pressure is required for specific body areas, e.g. heels, sacrum, shoulder blades etc, the pressureGUARD cells are instantly removeable without disturbance to the patient and are replaced with a shallower pressGUARD link cell with CLIKFIT, thus achieving zero pressure as required.



Dynamic 1 in 2 cycle therapy

Static constant low pressure therapy

Panel Lock

Weight Capacity

Auto Firm / Max Inflate

Upright mode

Auto Upright

Auto weight / pressure set

Auto weigh and body mass set

Multi-Mattress one pump feature

Low Pressure and Power Loss alarms 

Plug and Play






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Technical Data
  • Auto weight – fully weighs patient and adjusts pressure accordingly. No need for manual weight input

  • Autobody mass – adjusts pressure according to how the patients weight is distributed. i.e. A tall thin patient at 80kg would be given different pressure to a short wide patient also at 80kg

  • Auto upfright. Automatically optimizes pressure when patient is sat up

  • Autofirm. Gives static maximum inflation to allow nursing and care procedures and auto clinics off after 30 minutes

  • Clinician override if required

  • Static and dynamic therapy modes

  • Intelligent pressure sensing

  • Lower pressure and power failure alarms

  • Panel locks

  • Plug and play. No need to learn every feature in the pump. Switch on and every else is automatically set up



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Med Therapeutics Limited, Archer house, Britland Estate, Northbourne Road, Eastbourne BN22 8PW

Telephone: 01323 913528

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